truck talk

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a couple weeks ago i finally made it out to salinas to visit the commercial truck dealerships for ford and dodge— it was a great experience!

first i talked to kris at salinas valley truck center and got the dirt on GVWR and CVWR, which are the most important numbers to start with

I got to see the chassis i’ll be getting, and see the 12’ bed where my new home will be built

then i went over to talk to delilah at my dodge, knowing by then, after my conversation with kris, that i was pretty much committed to the 450 ford or 4500 dodge

delilah had a lot of helpful info on towing with my new truck

they say these work trucks are “rough” but they look amazing to me!— some of the folks i’ve talked to in my process were suggesting these work trucks wouldn’t have the level of comfort i would want, but sitting in them, they are awesome!— and you can get so many options

i think the last thing i have to work out is the back window, so i can have a little doggy door going into my camper from the truck

my last action is to go out and test drive both these vehicles, which i’ll do next weekend, then my truck research will be over and decision time will be here, but i’m about 85% already there

just need to confirm by getting behind the wheel :)

ford or dodge???

ford or dodge???