behind the wheel!

i’ve hit some speed bumps in the last month or so— but, i have decided on my truck!

i went back down to salinas mid-december, and kris answered a few follow up questions, then i test drove the ford F550

it was actually very affirming getting to drive that big truck and realize it’s really not all that different from driving my car— i’m just a lot higher above the road, and it’s noisier

and interestingly enough, it looks like i might be getting a 550, instead of a 450— one of my speed bumps has been the timing of my funding and thinking i was going to need to order the truck from the factory— this was really stressing me out, since the lead time for that is 4 months— that meant even if i was able to order it right then, i wouldn’t have my truck till at least april

but steve has found one with everything i need out there in colorado, it’s just a 550 instead of a 450— funny how that is the one i test drove :)

my other big speed bump was that i ended up having to postpone my trip to colorado :(

so, cheryl and i have been talking by phone about the roofline, the type and color of roof, water or no water in the trailer, loft configuration, doors, windows, floors…

and my trailer is ordered and being built right now!— it will be finished in a couple weeks and they will start working on tiny house theater for real!!