dreaming of ostheimer

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it’s only a couple months till i’m in colorado with steve and cheryl of tiny diamond homes to finalize the plans for my theater design!

i’m already thinking about paint colors, roof color, door color, floor color, truck color— because i love color!

also thinking about the ostheimers i’m going to have in my theater— i spent over an hour today looking at all the figures on their website and trying to decide on the scenes i want all around the walls

ostheimer wooden toys were first made in 1939 in germany, where they are still made today, with a dedication to work as social life, giving children the best, crafting by hand, awareness of real quality, sustainable production and making new things possible

i first saw these figures in the school store at the waldorf school of the peninsula back in 1998 when my daughter started second grade there

the store has since been named “hearts delight,” but back then it was just “the gift shop”— simply walking into that cosy space full of delightful treasures filled up something inside me that yearned for beauty and authenticity

for my birthday that fall, i asked for one of those wooden figures— a bare tree they call the bird tree, and an owl to sit in the tree— that was the start of the collection i have now— when my youngest left waldorf after 8th grade, my collecting pretty much stopped, and most of my figures had been put away since we moved out of our big house when we came to santa cruz

but a couple years ago i got them out and put them up along the top of the desk hutch and the armoire in the family room, and somewhere along the way i decided i wanted them in my theater— they are simple, warm, comforting, and magical— and that is a pretty powerful combination!

i have a lot of basic landscape pieces, and now i get to add more people and animals!— i’m going to have a castle scene, a farm scene, a forest scene, and some fairytale scenes, as well as a few other things

i can’t wait!

my ostheimers

my ostheimers