i got my plane ticket, my airbnb, and my rental car!

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i’m going to colorado right after christmas to meet with cheryl and steve and finalize the designs for my traveling theater and my truck camper

we’ll have two whole days together to dream and sketch and get super excited about this amazing project!

along the way here, i’ve done some sporadic, fitful poking around about the truck i’m going to need to make all this go, literally!

now it’s time for me to buckle down and do the research i need to do to find the right one

i’ve talked to a few folks and gotten a bit of input, but i really need to set aside some time to read through truck stuff on the websites of ford, dodge and chevy

tonight, i’m taking some time to look at their websites

talking to cheryl last week, she gave me the contact info for showroom transport, the company she and steve use to get their tiny house builds where they need to go— cheryl says they are the ones i need to talk to about my truck

i’ll let you know what i learn!

looking at trucks!

looking at trucks!