paradise lost, and found

the purpose of my blog is to document and share images, questions, ideas, information, discoveries, excitement and events as i journey from dream to reality with my tiny house theater

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i’m sorry i have been away so long!— it has been months since i last wrote and so, so much has happened!

at the end of january, it became clear to both sides that tiny diamond and i needed to part ways

it was a very sad and traumatic turn of events, but i have to trust that each of us has only the best at heart for our situation and for the growing tiny house movement

but whenever one thing ends, something else is beginning!

in february, i found byron and dot fears of simblissity tiny homes in lyons, colorado!!— i cannot say enough wonderful things about their commitment, not only to their design-process inspiration and the highest quality build process, but even more, their continuous care for the relationship between builder and client

the concept, decision-making and build experience with them has been exciting, inspiring, fun, flexible and comfortable

in march, i acquired my ford lariat F550 from o’meara ford in northglen, colorado— it has a level of comfort i would not have chosen for myself, like leather interior and seats with heating and cooling settings (!) but chase chantals, the fleet manage at o’meara, identified several vehicles appropriate for my project and this one had everything i needed and more for a great price!

byron helped me, with his extensive connections/contacts for all things tiny, to get great insurance for my very out-of-the-box situation from cheryl johnson at strategic insurance

in april i went out to colorado and met with byron and dot in person!— we got a super nice flatbed from rob at jayhawk trailers, and then byron had a steel frame designed and built for my living space “vardo” and sleeping loft over the cab

byron just keeps pulling one miracle after another out of his magician’s hat of creative genius!!

we looked at siding and sinks and cabinets and i ordered my front door

now, they have the rafters and ceiling up and soon it will be going to the roofer!

recently i connected with my solar company here in santa cruz, tiny watts solar— wes and savanna are designing a cutting-edge, super powerful system for me so i can have a washer-dryer in my vardo!

the other thing happening at the same time as all of this was that the beautiful house on the westside that my ex and i have owned together for the last 15 years was put on the market— of course we both knew it was an eventual outcome of the path our relationship took, but that didn’t make the end any easier— the hardest part for me was loosing my magical yard where for the last 3 years i’ve had my puppets in the garden summer performance series

but as i said, whenever one thing ends, something else is beginning!

now i have a wonderful, cozy studio in the 17th avenue studios where i can offer my classes, workshops and small performances

and it won’t be 5 months before the next post!— i’m aiming for every other friday :)

my vardo today!— with the ceiling almost done!

my vardo today!— with the ceiling almost done!