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Things are really starting to move with my theater!!

i just found out that a big chunk of my funding is coming through next week!— hooray!

i’ve posted the preliminary drawings steve made below, and we are fine-tuning everything with decisions about the doors, windows, roofing, flooring, cabinets, loft, and more

it’s funny how things don’t seem to be moving much, then suddenly they move fast

one of my tasks this week is to look in to my carpet— i’ve decided to go with FLOR carpet tiles, not just because it is a great product, but for the amazing commitment the company has to sustainability— they are actually a carbon neutral manufacturer, and they have a new initiative, climate takeback, to prove that companies can even be carbon negative!

here is a short youtube conversation with the current ceo, jay gould

i am wondering if maybe they would sponsor me??

guess i got a letter to write!