my first tiny house theater blog post!

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the purpose of my blog is to document and share images, questions, ideas, information, discoveries, excitement and events as i journey from dream to reality with my tiny house theater

“Once upon a time, there was a little girl who believed in magic. She colored magical worlds with her crayons. She built houses for the fairies in the sandbox. She went on magical treasure hunts in the forest, and she talked to the animals and the trees.

Many times she was told that magic wasn’t real, and as she got older a strange thing happened: slowly she lost her way to the magic inside her. Then the girl grew sad, and she stopped coloring and talking to the trees.

But the magic was always there inside her, just waiting.

The girl became a woman, and one day something amazing happened. The woman saw a puppet show, and all the magic inside her came alive again!

The woman began to sew colorful quilts, and she planted a garden. She wrote stories and made puppets of her own. She began to share her love of nature, her stories, and the magic inside her through her puppet shows. 

And she had a very magical idea! She wanted to have a tiny house puppet theater that would travel the land, bringing magical stories of nature, wonder and imagination to all.

That girl was me, and that woman is me! Welcome to the magical world of Tiny House Theater. Follow along here as I turn my magical dream into a reality!”

I wrote this at the final, 4-day writing intensive for my year-long “Walkabout Tales” writing course with Suzanne Down and Juniper Tree Puppets. Christine Summerfield came and gave us a day-long presentation on writing a blog and it was just the inspiration i needed to get me going on the blog I have been wanting to start for awhile.

You can meet Suzanne here:

And Christine here:

this beautiful image of the forest of pennsylvania, where i grew up, is from

this beautiful image of the forest of pennsylvania, where i grew up, is from